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About Legacy

What is Legacy Lacrosse?

Legacy Lacrosse is managed by Sean Morris, Dan Chouinard and Dave Evans (The Directors of the Laxachusetts Lacrosse Program and Sean Morris Lacrosse Camps).

The goal of the Legacy Lacrosse programs is to create the best indoor lacrosse leagues, camps, skill sessions and tournaments that are available to young athletes.

How is Legacy Lacrosse different?

Legacy Lacrosse will never cut costs and will always be affordable without sacrificing excellence. Our leagues and tournaments will always have 2 referees at all games for a controlled and high level atmosphere.

We will always offer the most competitive prices for all leagues and tournaments.

We will find ways to make our indoor leagues more like the real game by offering smaller size goals to eliminate players just running over and shooting at a 6 X 6 net indoors. Smaller nets force players to play offense and try and set up high percentage scoring opportuniies on a smaller cage.

Our summer tournaments will limit the amount of teams so all teams play full games against top competition. Our summer tournaments will be run by a professional staff with years of experience in running events for a memorable experience.

Championship format tournaments. Our tournaments are run with a playoff format with Champions at each division. Our programs are all sponsored by STX Lacrosse and Nike Lacrosse.