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The 2012/2013 Legacy Lacrosse Indoor Youth Lacrosse League

By Staff, 08/14/12, 10:20PM EDT


Legacy Lacrosse Indoor Youth Lacrosse League Celebrating its 7th Season. Now in 4 Locations

The Legacy Lacrosse 2012/2013 Youth Lacrosse League will be in four locations this winter.

Cohasset Sports Complex

Hingham Sports Center

Pembroke Field House

Sudbury Field House

We will once again have the following Divisions:

U11, U13, U15

We will also have a Grade Based Division:


The Legacy Lacrosse Indoor League South Division  will be running out of 3 indoor facilities in the 2012/2013 season. 
Pembroke Field House will be for U15 games (7th and 8th grade players)
The Cohasset Sports Complex will be for U13 games (5th and 6th grade players)
The Hingham Sports Center will be for U11 games (3rd and 4th grade players)
We will also be offering a Legacy Lacrosse Indoor League North Division for the 2012/2013 Season
The League will be run out of the Sudbury Field House
Dave Evans will be the Director of the Legacy Lacrosse Indoor League North Division
Games will also be in Sunday's and the league will run from 12pm - 800pm
We will be offering two divisions this year for the South Division . 
A grade based division with 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade divisions. 
We will also have a U11, U13 and U15 division  
Typically the larger youth programs will be entering teams in the Grade Based Division and the smaller youth programs will be entering teams in the U Division.Ideally Grade Based is the ideal format because players are competing against players in their grade and makes for a better overall experience but I also understand not all programs can field a grade based team at each grade. 
When informing me of the number of teams that you are entering, please let me know if they will be in the Grade Based Division or the U Division.  
With the Pembroke Field House re-opening, we will return to 1 hour time slots for all games (as promised).
All games will be 2/22 minute running time halves. There will be a 6 minute warm up. 4 Minute Halftime.
New Exciting Features for the Indoor Legacy Lacrosse League (North and South divisions)
In continueing to provide the most exciting and enoyable lacrosse experience for the players, parents and coaches, Legacy Lacrosse will be adding a little technology to the league this year.
All score keepers will be keeping player stats this season that will be uploaded to a team page. Every team in the Indoor Legacy Lacrosse League will have its own team page, rosters, player stats, team stats, and head shot of each player. The web site will post league leaders in different categories.
We will require all teams to submit rosters with jersey assignments prior to the start of the season so we can enter rosters onto team pages.

 2012/2013 Legacy Indoor League:
League. Each Team playing 14 games
November 18th - March 3rd (We will not have games on 12/23 and 12/30)
U11 division, 3rd grade and 4th grade divisions will be held at Hingham Sports Center
U13 division, 5th grade and 6th grade divisions will be held at Cohasset Field House 
U15 division, 7th grade and 8th grade divisions will be held at the Pembroke Field House
U11 Division will be current 3rd and 4th grade players
U13 Division will be current 5th and 6th grade players
U15 Division will be current 7th and 8th grade players
Players can play up a division but not down

Other League items:

2 referees for all games except the U11 games will have 1 referee
U11 and U13 games will be played with the 4 X 4 goals
U15 games will be played with 5 X 5 goals
Full season schedule will be available mid October and will also be posted on the Legacy Lacrosse web site
All player stats, league leaders, rosters, etc...will be posted at
No long poles at the U11 level and U13 levels - with our policy of being a developmental program, we feel defensemen at U11 and U13 can use this time to improve footwork and stick skills
2 long poles at U15 level
2-3-2 format
All penalties are served
Player ejection from a game is discretion of the referee
Games will be 2 / 22 minutes running times halves
1 timeout per game
Teams supply own jerseys (need numbers)
$3500.00 team fee (again, we ask program directors/coaches to collect the checks and waivers and hand in per team packet) (We were able to keep the fee's the same as 2010/2011)
Sunday game times, Hingham - 7am - 7pm
Sunday game times, Cohasset - 7am - 5pm
Sunday game times, Pembroke - 8am - 4pm
Sunday game times, Sudbury - 1230pm - 830pm
As always - we will rotate times for teams so to share the early games.

We are asking for Coaches/Directors to email us with the # of teams you will be entering for the 2012/2013 Legacy Lacrosse Indoor League. The league has been sold out for 5 yrs now. Do not miss out. We ask that programs confirm the number of teams by Nov 1st, 2012.

Thank you

Dan Chouinard